Tuesday, May 24, 2011

long holiday.......

mmg sgt long cuti sem kali ni
cam cuti time pas spm lak ase
mana tak nye cuti 4 bln 2
mana r xlama..
ase cam da puas sangat lak dok uma
ase na belajar lek je
tp bila tim blaja xsabo je na cuti
ni r manusia xprnh na bsyukur..
tp really r
xtaw na watpe cuti2 ni..

Monday, April 18, 2011

PBL AIS already complete

alhamdulilah coz pbl ais already done..
i feel very relief once En azmi said we dont have to do presentation for pbl 3 coz our performances in presentation pbl 2 is good..
i think every group do very well in presentation 2
and i think that my group also do better performances compare to pbl 1..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching

here i want to give some tips to make presentation more presentable and eye catching..

1. Picture Tells the Story.
this is effective ways to attract audience to hear your presentation by adding photos, graphic and power point.Often one effective picture says it all. There is a reason for that old cliche - "a picture is worth a thousand words".

2.Speak to the Audience
don't read from your slide but try to communicate with your audiences. Audiences when feel bored when hear your reading because your voice will become monotone.

3. Know Your Stuff(it very important!!)
Your comfort level with presenting will be high if you know everything about your topic. After all, the audience is looking to you to be the expert. However, don't overload the audience with your complete toolkit of knowledge about your topic. Three key points is just about right to keep them interested, allowing them to ask questions if they want more.

4.try to make audience laugh
one of ways to attract audiences is by making joke.

always make eye-contact with audiences.

6.confident level
a presenter must be confident to present his/her stuff.when the confident level is high the presentation will be much much better..

that all the tips that i can give..OK GOODLUCK WITH YOUR PRESENTATION..XOXO

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PBL still in progress..excited to finish it.....

10am-12pm is our free time so we decided to do our first meeting at library...
we started to discuss about the question that be given by En AZMI to us ....
we also do the draft about it too....
TINA , NURUL , & AFIDA when we want to do second meeting???

Monday, February 28, 2011

why should i bother

something happen in life has a reason..
even not a solid one but it still a reason
but if we really feel sad bout it
i willing not to think bout..
doesnt mean im not sad
doesnt mean that im happy
i just take 1 alternatif
why should i bother bout it anymore..
it only make my heart in pain
so what you do n what u say
doesnt effect me anymore...

studying for make-up???

now i so2 crazy about make-up...
for me make-up is one special art that difficult to learn..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

ain wedding

serious cuti taun baru cina xserupa cuti
penat taw coz na mnolong ain pnye wedding
byk tol dugaan wedding ain nie
ni bkn coz tentangan owg tua yg xmrestui ke
or antra 2 drgt ke
tp mslh cuaca
hari ahd & isnin 2 mmg ujan turun xberhnti2
n dpt lak perkhrn dri ecah(akak sulung) yg tmpt di da bnjr
so ecah xdpt r blek umah
ain pe ag glbh gle r coz sume brg hntrn de kt ecah
ecah r yg incharge gubh hntrn
tmbh2 ag air sgai phg nek gle
ain tkt ar famili anip(bkl abg ipar ak mrngkp tunang ain) xdpt dtg ke tloh coz jln raya bnjr
fuh lega r coz ari slse cuaca jdi bek
no more ujan2 ag
tp ktrg bz r na kosongkn rumah,pack gula2, n mcm2 ag ..
ble ain pnye ari kwen ag r bz
ak lak jdi bridemaid d..
cuak gak bdri ats plmin..huhu
xtaw r cmne 6ti ak lak bsanding
msti ag cuak pnye...huhu
pe2 pn walupn smggu pnt tp enjoy gak r coz dpt gather 1 famili
n ain slmt pengantin baru k!!!!!!!!!!!!

me as uitm student........

maybe rmai yg xtaw ak da smbg degree da
skrg ak bkn ag blaja kt ikip but da kat jengka
yes im accounting student in uitm phg..
ble ak degree ak ak sedar yg dip n degree r totally diferrence..
kalu tim dip leh men2 n de mse lpg yg sgt2 lpg
tim degree ni ngn asgmnnt blambak
time jgn ckp r bzzzzzzzzzzzzz je mmnjg...
tol r kte owg ble da dgree da xde life
tp btl ke???
korg jela pkrkn..